Gemini Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd April by Magic Horoscope

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There's no room for trust or stability in a relationship without integrity, no matter how much you or your partner try to cover it up.

Integrity is an essential component of trust because it allows for harmony between the parties involved in the relationship.

Do you focus on your partner's wellness instead of your own when there's trouble?

What about the other person? Do you do it because that's the real you, or because you're trying to show an image that doesn't match reality in the end?

This Sunday, you should think of all this when there's a very specific particular event, which stars predict will happen in the afternoon.

Something will change between you, and you need to analyse and assess whether it is natural, or whether it's a sign that something's going wrong and you're not complete individuals.


Geminis who own a small or medium-sized business need to evolve towards a new business management system.

As the incoming week draws nearer you should plan how to open up to new technologies, especially regarding marketing and digital communication to attract new customers.

The business world is in constant evolution and you can't afford falling behind. Now's the time to do things, to take action.

Don't consider this a luxury, but a very essential need. Internet means the future, but also the here and now.

Stars predict that an extra boost will give you more profit and new opportunities.


Watch your hands and feet. They're more swollen than usual, right, Geminis?

This is due to bad blood flow, and this swelling is one of its most evident signs.

Bad blood flow can come from your genes, but it is also influenced by things like smoking, drinking alcohol or even being pregnant (should you get a test?).

This Sunday, in order to get it solved, have lots of onion and garlic, watch your mouth hygiene, and try to drink two liters of water.