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You need to keep your partner happy, Geminis, there's no doubting that. If we didn't want to make someone else happy we wouldn't be beside them, right?

But that's one thing, and it's something entirely different to say yes to everything, and put our choices not just on a second gear, but on a fourth or fifth.

If your partner suggests doing things you don't like, just say it out loud.

Stars will send you energy to have more than enough confidence, but do it with a good speech, and set some alternative choices.

You don't want to go to the countryside? That's fine, but otherwise, what should the family do this Sunday?

You can't expect proposals to come from the outside and expect them to be as numerous as to get one you really, absolutely like.


You should set your belongings in order around the house. Check which clothes are old or useless, or which don't fit you anymore.

Take this deep cleanse around the house as a chance to find the truth about your hoarding of items you won't enjoy later.

Clothing, shoes, decoration and other items you bought after much effort and money, which in the end haven't satisfied you at all.

Just for a moment you'll feel sorry about living in such a consumerist society, but unfortunately you'll soon forget, and you'll end up purchasing more and more items, just as you've been doing until now.


A social event will see you stocking your mouth full, and that will keep your satisfaction running high.

That's just fine, but then you'll come to regret it when you gain weight, especially because clothes don't look the same on you.

If you need to go to excess, do it, but set some goals to change this in the next few days. Walks around the shore, healthy ecologic food, and especially, reducing your fat intake drastically.

While you're at it, try to quit smoking in case you continue buying cigarettes. Your pocket and lungs will thank you for that.