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You're optimistic and always try to convey a beautiful perspective to life to your loved ones, including your partner.

You think that surrounding yourself in positive energy and bright, happy thoughts you'll bring bliss into your life.

But you're planting an almost bliss-obsessed seed into your partner which will do the opposite thing, because they won't know how to handle frustration, apathy and other unpleasant emotions.

You need a solid team to do this right. This doesn't mean you have to think negatively, but you do need to tolerate (and dodge) negative bouts to face them and learn from them.

This way you'll always come afloat even if you're drowning in trouble. Because unfortunately, there's no such thing as a trouble-free life.


Take this Sunday to prepare that job interview from next week.

Prepare your CV and cover letter, take care of your appearance, and rehearse possible questions and answers for when you're in front of the employer.

Remember to avoid words that are already old-fashioned, like "Kind sir", among others; and bring your professional experience on top of your academic formation, no matter how extensive it is.

Don't be an automatic-speech robot, be your everyday selves, and bring out small details from your creative personality, which can be a great asset for the company.


Your hands are more swollen than usual, right, Geminis?

You may be handling your emotions the wrong way, and this inner power struggle may be manifested through your body's inflammatory responses.

For example, having swollen or even painful hands with no apparent reason for it may be the signal of a stressful episode or event that hasn't been managed with.

If you see these problems extending over time, go to your doctor to find out whether they may be prior to an arthritis or another more serious illness.