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Today there's something important to celebrate. Even if it's no special date, it's okay to appreciate how long you've been already with such an important, special person. In fact, these are the celebrations coming from the heart: the ones that need no special dates.

Invest some extra time into romance during today so that, when looking back, you realise how beautiful it is to hold on and fight for something in a world where no one's willing to fight.

Generally, Geminis will have quite a pleasant day today, with no doubt, anxiety or depression on sight.


This Sunday you have more than enough time to think about that financial issue that's kept you worrying for days.

Einstein said that if you didn't make a goal you need to change your methods; so if you've only met with defeat following the same path, you need a full strategy change.

Fortunately you're not alone, Geminis; you've got lots of people who can advise and help you. You should check any issue related to personal finance, especially if you're living with a partner.

The stars predict August will be satisfying, with financial peaks in specific dates by following a mid and long-term aggressive strategy. Avoid stock investments.


With all those christenings, weddings and communions it's quite hard to keep your diet at bay and stay away from temptation. Today, festivities will put you in a sticky situation once again.

So don't put any more load than what you already have on your shoulders. Relax and enjoy the party so that, if you do fall prey to temptation, you'll do so moderately and knowing how to control your situation.

From tomorrow onwards, retake your path of austerity and restrictions, aware of the fact that the change that has led you this far is already a huge success.