Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Your ruling planet is boosting your raw personality regarding mental processes. And as you know, one of your most interesting traits is your ability to rule over your own mind and control your moods.

Today, you'll especially feel this as a general rule. On short-term situations pending resolution for which you need your whole energy. And on the long run, with those pressing issues which you're learning to see in perspective.

Today you have to see life in full colour and enjoy every moment with your full attention, to love and be loved, to offer others all the good things you have inside.


Take good care of your money today. In the last few days you've tried to spend more than you could and that's no crime, Geminis, so don't feel bad. But if you keep this up for days on end, you're starting to play a dangerous game.

Living beyond your means in your current situation isn't the best you can do. Try to find satisfaction and pleasure in things you can't touch or buy.

In that sense, going out for lunch or drinks with your workmates will be a great choice. That way you'll get a connection to lower down tensions at work, and it's always good to get to know people who share so many hours of the day with you.


These days it's taking you more effort to sleep, most likely because of your mind-boggling issues related to work, family... Insomnia is a phenomenon with many victims, stemming from many factors, so getting rid of it isn't that easy.

Still, in your case it's usually more related to nerves (which are your weakness). Lately you've been making efforts to calm yourselves down, and it's working.

Follow some basic advice to sleep better. It'll do you good to turn off any electronic devices 2 or 3 hours before going to bed. Reading is always a good resource.

And look at this: sleep is linked to breathing, so with some simple exercises this can get sorted out. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7, and breathe out for 8. Do 5 reps of the whole exercise.