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Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd July

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Popular sayings can be so wise sometimes, Geminis. You might have heard that one nail drives out another. In its roughest, most twisted sense, that's how you should face your emotional situation right now. Otherwise, you'll get stuck.

Moving on should be an equivalent to forgetting. It's obvious you aren't doing it, and it's just hurting you even more. Do you see that you always end up talking about that person in every friend meet-up? Or that every single thing you do leads you to think about what that person would do or say?

Love yourselves better, Geminis, and don't be afraid of doing something drastic to forget about that person. One-time flings could help you have fun and fill your life with different thoughts.


There's a very positive financial change you'd been awaiting for days. That doesn't mean you'll win the lottery or that you'll find a briefcase full of money on the sidewalk. It means that, if you keep taking chances and working hard, you'll get your reward.

This means an extra reward for you, because it shows that it's worth it to make an effort. These positive changes at work and your personal finance will mean you'll be able to breathe, afford a treat, and ultimately, you'll feel satisfied about your new situation.

But don't forget that if you're too greedy, you end up with nothing. Try to keep that good financial situation alive and handle improvements in a smart way.


Your mind and body connection is weak today, and you'll feel it from the moment you wake up. It's one of those days when your brain wants one thing and your body another.

The Magic Horoscope prediction advises you not to stay in bed for too long and to try and move as soon as you can. If you can do an early morning workout, even if it's just some stretching, you'll get activated faster.

It's also important that you eat healthy and with iron and protein-rich foods. That will help your muscles to get faster and more agile.