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Life is a wonderful gift that surprises us every minute when we least expect it. This Sunday you'll experience one of those magical surprises that make life worth living.

At a time when you were feeling lost, like an unlucky person in love whose singleness is always seen from above by friends, someone will show up to change everything.

The most magical about this new romance is, it'll come from someone you've known for a while, with whom you'd never thought of sharing more than a friendship. Don't force yourself, love will flow naturally.


Are you still thinking about these last weeks' spending and not living to the fullest? You can't get your eyes off your numbers and freeze when you see how low your credit has gone?

That won't lead anywhere good, Geminis, other than an anxiety attack. What you need to do is optimise your mistakes and turn them into lessons to start changing the trend.

The situation opening up in this second half of June is positive, you just need to be more organised when saving up. You'll do well without going out for a few days and enjoying other intangible things.


If you're single Geminis, stars warn that certain behaviours of yours in your latest sexual relationships are seriously risking your health.

Protection against serious infections and unwanted pregnancies requires very systematic, careful attention, and you've relaxed too much about it, you're all loose and let passion be your guide.

Give it some thought, Geminis, it isn't that hard. Always remember how important it is to use contraceptives and avoid promiscuity. You're still on time. Your health, as well as the other person's, will thank you for it.