Gemini Daily Horoscope
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Gossip. Oh, dear Geminis, you do enjoy it. We are who we are and we're not going to change certain ways. And that's what happens to you with gossip, but you need to try and tone it down every now and then.

Today your desire to know everything about everyone and, especially, tell everything out loud to other neighbours or friends, could get you into serious trouble.

So make the right choice and don't meddle into other people's lives. If you get some juicy information from a third person, ignore it. Blabbing about other people's lives will only get you into trouble, because it will all backfire on your face.


Organise today's duties well, because the stars predict you're in for a chaotic day which could easily spiral out of control if you don't schedule it properly.

It's not so hard, Geminis. Write down today's priorities and devote most of your time to what's most relevant. If you do it any other way, the least important things could steal your space, and that's when you get nervous and rush it.

Even if there's boring tasks which you find hard to do all the way, if they are important they need to be done. Otherwise, they'll just bring you trouble and you'll have to work twice as hard later.



The benefits of lemon are well-known, but in case you didn't know or forgot about it, this citrus fruit is giving you many nutrients that would do wonders for you right now.

Especially regarding your immune system. As a vitamin carrier, especially full of vitamin C, lemon will strengthen toxin elimination and will fight back the bacteria in your body.

Since you've been going through a lot of stress which sometimes turns into anxiety lately, your immune system is dropping. Having a good dose of lemon every day will cleanse your bowels, fight back colds and flus, and reinforce your mineral intake for elements such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and fluoride.