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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Gemini Sign for Sunday 11th March by Magic Horoscope

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You're animals prone to trip over the same stone two and even ten times, especially when your heart is beating fast, right, Geminis?

Stars request you to only follow your common sense.

Stop trying over and over again with that relationship which has no future or present.

You obsess about bringing to life stories that take you nowhere, maybe out of comfort, maybe because it makes you excited that things don't work well the first time around.

Something good will come to you from this. This Sunday is perfect to add that cherry on top.


A group of former workmates proposed working together on a project which has made you earn some money even though it hasn't provided a great fortune.

They will want you on their team again, and you weren't that satisfied back then because of their work policy.

Too much bliss made the team miss out on dates, deadlines and even payments.

Now they'll propose a brand new collab, and you don't have to try too hard; also, the money's good enough.

With what you've learned, and to prevent history from repeating itself, ask for a written contract where all conditions are clearly and perfectly explained.


Sunday is the perfect day to bring your body and mind into sync, Geminis.

You could undergo geotherapy, something that may sound modern but which is actually quite traditional.

According to Reiki and other various disciplines, the correct use of cold and hot stones (many of them volcanic) works well to make energy flow freely through our bodies.

In most treatments, at the beginning of the massage the therapist rubs the outer skin with essential oils, which also gives us a relaxing sensation all over.

Geotherapy works wonders for our skin because it helps to get toxins out of our body through sweating.

However, be careful about who gives you this therapy, because only authorized personnel should do it.

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