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Gemini Magic Horoscope for 18th March

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The week is over and it's time to reflect on how your love life's been for the last 7 days, Geminis. Are you happy with what you've got?

Ask yourself whether it would be good to find new ways to win your partner over, especially if you've been together for years.

Live out your passions, including the sexual ones, and look for that spark you felt yesterday which you didn't today.

Be more loving and forget about embarrassment, because you should give just as much love as you like to get.

Pay attention to your family, especially the little ones, because they may be in trouble and you'll be the one to save the day.


You keep complaining that your salary is lower than it should for the job you do, and that's why you end up feeling defeated.

Don't fall into those toxic dynamics.

If you start your day with defeat, thinking that you're not being well-paid, your performance will fall, and you'll get into a spiral from which it won't be easy to escape.

You used to need continuous acknowledgement for your work, but now you don't care.

It's not that you learned to trust your choices and you know what their impact is; your mood is off the cliff.

The only way to get out of that bubble is to burst it, escape, and talk to your boss to argue that your job deserves a different reward.


You'll finish your week with above-average health levels.

You've set out a pathway of healthy habits, and although it's not easy you're doing things the way you planned. Congratulations!

Keep writing down everything you do regarding food and exercise, as a way to encourage yourself to keep going.

If you want, Monday's a perfect day to get rid of bad habits, which are also very expensive.

Keep working like this, especially if you've had serious health issues in the last couple of months, because you could fall down again.