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Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Sunday 25th March

Full Prediction for Today, Sunday
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Why did you wake up to a grey day where you forget to love yourself?

You're surrounded by people but feel incredibly lonely, and not even your partner's love helps you stay warm at night.

Toxic people have hurt you in the past and made you believe you're worth nothing, and they've managed to convince you of it.

There's still days you believe no one would miss you if you were gone, but that's completely false.

This Sunday should be the day for you to rise like a phoenix. Burn any negativity off, and be reborn like a new, more complete person; love yourself above all else.


You're good at handling money, and your finances are pretty steady for an end of the month. Congratulations!

However, there's people around you whose numbers don't add up sometimes, because they've bit off more than they could chew.

They will call upon your door asking for help in some sort of business which allows those friends (or even relatives) keep their belongings.

It's not too much work for you, and you'll get a decent amount of money which will be perfect to save away for future emergencies.

Stars in the Magic Horoscope encourage you to say yes, because you see that the connection between effort and benefit will be pretty imbalanced in the best case scenario.


If you went through surgery not long ago for something related to your digestive system, listen to your body this week.

You'll suffer some sort of relapse, with pains that may seem unbearable, but which won't be too serious. Don't get more scared than you need to.

Today's the perfect day to rest, take care of yourself, and allow yourself to go through a spa or thermal circuit to face the upcoming week.