Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Having someone beside you is very important to you because you have someone there to support you at all times, even in those days when apathy and a foul mood try to take over you.

You have a promising future with that person, which you've come to see throughout the weekend: you and your partner are going through one of the best times together, and your feelings are slowly taking over.

If you're waiting by an open door for someone special to come, don't despair: perhaps you haven't looked in the right places this weekend. Remember you can find them in the most unexpected of places.


Get your bags ready, Geminis. There's a business trip coming your way, although you could always say no to the offer.

This won't put the odds against you in the near future, so rest assured. But if you say no, you're keeping yourself from experiencing new adventures to bring into your CV.

The upcoming week has many commitments ahead, so plan your time well in order not to leave anyone behind.

Try not spending too much money, even with the bare necessities. You should make more use of what you've got.


Congratulations! You're feeling on top of the world, with restored power even if the week has come to a close.

If you feel like trying out new habits, get acquainted with yoga if you don't know much about it yet.

It will give you perfect balance, enhance your flexibility and it will also help you to set your mind perfectly straight and to avoid dwelling on issues you shouldn't be worrying about.

Avoid crowds today and pay attention to your joints, because you may become prone to an injury.

Don't do any sudden moves, and if you're going running, do some warming up to avoid getting injured, because the stars are signaling you may very well be.

Now that you know, you'll be able to watch your step to avoid these issues.