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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Gemini Horoscope for Sunday May 13th

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Sunday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Oh, dear Geminis, you've been awfully unlucky at finding a partner lately. Even if you try to fool yourself and act tough, it's obvious that loneliness and bad luck with the other sex are affecting you more and more every day.

Today's predictions are good: bad days are over.

Today you'll find a new and interesting chance with this, and only you are responsible for how it ends.

Someone as intelligent, calm, sympathetic and serious as you will cross paths. Even if their likes aren't as similar to yours, or their political preference is way different, don't send them away the first chance you get.

Sometimes preferences and opposing tastes end up connecting twin souls, and if you can be patient and take care of that friendship, something much more intimate will come. And you definitely need it!


It seems that you'll finally reap the rewards of your orderly working style, your punctuality, your willingness to do overtime, your good chemistry with your teammates, and your discipline towards the managers.

Today your boss will give you great news through a raise or perhaps even a promotion.

Whatever the case, you'll feel new responsibilities, but also the rewards after a great effort. Take it as a reward to flatter yourself and keep working hard. It's obvious that you enjoy what you do, and it's time to take a step further.

A promotion or raise could also encourage you to increase your training in your field of expertise, maybe by going to a course that helps you improve your competences. You're really good, you just need to believe it.


You've been coughing more than usual lately, and you've let the problem grow big. You're the kind of people who think that a problem can be solved by ignoring it.

It's not that coughing is a serious health issue, but it's starting to get annoying both for you and others.

You could get a cough syrup to help you get rid of the mucus in your chest. Sometimes coughing is just a psychological reflex, like a twitch, or the consequence of being at a dry place for long hours, so your throat can get dry and sore.

All of these problems can be solved from home. Remember that water is the best cough syrup you can find!