Gemini Astral Horoscope for Thursday 12th April by Magic Horoscope

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Cupid will completely lock you off in the worst way today, Geminis. Communications with your partner are completely cut on a physical level.

Today you'll have every problem you can think of with coverage, e-mail communications, and this will fall all over you, as if the whole universe was ready to grind your gears.

Also, that lack of communication will become a minor relationship issue as the day goes by, although in the end all will be well and you'll be happy together.

You'll get news from a close friend who was like a brother or sister, whom you lost track of a while ago. You'll find they seriously betrayed your trust, which you kind of expected. Don't worry. You'll get them back.


If you're expecting a payment, don't get it through a check if you can. Your mind's a bit muddled and you could lose it very easily, and experience quite some distress afterwards.

At work there may be hidden plans and contrivances aplenty, and your position could be at stake because of this.

Don't participate in these evil plans; try to bring all hidden contrivances under the spotlight and make yourself look good, like an innocent victim that shouldn't be part of this war.

Don't let this conflict interrupt you from performing as usual, following all rules and, if you can, fulfilling your goals.


This won't be your healthiest day, Geminis. You'll feel ill due to the stomach ache and headache you've been dragging around.

It's nothing serious, don't worry. Your body is just telling you that you've lived life a bit too much to the fullest, and that you need to recover for a while. From tomorrow on, you'll feel much better, so don't give it too many thoughts.