Full Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for Thursday April 19th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Thursday
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You don't have an affair to remember forever. That's what's on your mind this Wednesday, Geminis, and you don't know whether you're losing your valuable time.

Falling in love could happen to any of us, of course, but each person lives it differently.

Today stars want to tell you that there's as many ways to experience love as people on planet Earth, and you won't ever find two identical relationships.

Also, if you think no one's ever moved to your heart it's because you appreciate the here and now, and you've learned that the past is the past.

What matters is that today the sun is shining, not whether it rained yesterday.


You're adding up numbers because there's something really nice you want to give to yourself. And it doesn't look like there's any extra income coming for doing overtime or anything of the sort.

Indeed, the stars encourage you to save money this Wednesday, and if you've got a clear goal you'll do it for sure.

What's on your mind? Holidays alone or with your family, a home makeover, a pension scheme perhaps? Target locked!

Plan how you could do small daily sacrifices to save up and make your dream come true. By doing some budget cuts, for instance, that mid-morning coffee, you'll be able to save up quite a lot.


You woke up very tired today, Gemini, because you didn't sleep well. Morpheus didn't feel like stopping by when you expected, and you missed out on sleeping hours.

The current stars' alignment makes clear that you can't sleep well because something's bothering you, something you've done wrong with someone you loved.

Blame doesn't let you sleep, you feel very regretful because you're ashamed of your own behaviour. Don't dwell on the past, get moving and take this chance to fix anything you need to be at peace with yourself this Wednesday.