Full Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast for Thursday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 26th April
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You want peace to flow through your relationship, but you're lost and in need of a compass to guide your way.

Differences in work schedules, the roles you each play in your own lives, family commitments and other duties make you live in what appear to be two isolated worlds instead of one single, shared atmosphere.

To bring your lives back together, you can't fire arrows against each other, or complain about schedules or duties.

Take this Thursday as a chance to specify what you could change to make things better; no lies or disguises allowed. Accept things honestly as they come.


Don't hire unnecessary services. It looks obvious, but you're easy to influence today according to the stars.

A sales rep will try to trick you to request a loan, assuring it's the best you can do to grow as an individual, because that investment will allow you to purchase that item you desperately need.

You'll seriously consider it and probably you'll give in. Be careful, because when payments start coming in you'll bitterly regret you accepted the deal.

Besides, if you request a credit, make sure it fits your needs well, so that you don't pay twice for one single item: one payment for the purchase, and another for the high-flying interests.


You're going through a treatment you're not entirely convinced about, right, Geminis?

You think the doctor didn't quite get your health issue right, and that the medication he prescribed doesn't really work.

The Magic Horoscope points out that you're very likely to be right. Doctors are human beings, after all, and they can make mistakes too.

Use today to find another expert's opinion to see whether you're right or wrong, and find out whether a different treatment would be the most appropriate to bring your health back into the game.

If you can, sleep more than usual today, and get into bed earlier if you need it, because you have to rest.