Gemini Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 5th April

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Stars predict that you're in for a rocky Thursday, Geminis. Your heart just got on a roller coaster and it goes up and down all the time. Not even you understand it.

Your problem is that you get overwhelmed with routine, which you link to stability. And a slow but steady relationship should be your aim.

Even though there's nice things, like cuddling off to sleep, kissing each other when you meet up and such, sometimes you do it automatically, out of boredom.

A key piece to love is being original, being creative to reinvent your relationship every day even as days and years go by.

If you think you're not smart enough, share it with your partner and encourage them to surprise you. Bring something new and different, yet planned, where you just have to let go.


You've wanted a makeover for quite a while, and you've put it off thinking that there'll be a week where you're more economically ready.

Today's a good day for a makeover, but spending just enough money, sticking to a budget. If you want to go shopping for clothes, find offers or shops on final settlement. Or you can use discount cards and coupons, there's sure to be one of them in your mailbox.

To get a beauty treatment, your cheapest option is a beauty school, where you'll get a haircut or trim, your hair dyed or some facials to cleanse your skin.


Today your head will hurt a little, more than usual. Be careful with noise pollution, because too much noise is taking a toll on you.

Try to listen to music at a lower volume than you usually do, don't set the TV too loud, and try to go to bed early after having some relaxing tea.