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Full Horoscope for Gemini for This Coming Thursday 2nd August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Thursday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Geminis in relationships will experience one of those explosive days when romance and passion hold hands and break off routine and boredom. There'll be plenty of cuddling, kisses, passionate bouts and wild sex in a day when you'll see one another under the light of your first days together.

Geminis' mood today is more than optimal for inner and spiritual renewal. You'll be filled with wellness and optimism, and open your soul to good feelings.

Watch out, Geminis with depression: today's the day to start climbing towards the light. You can do it!


Your day at work will be a little bumpy and tough today because of a badly performed task that will force you into sinking under a state of guilt and worry. Don't be so hard on yourselves, Geminis. We all make mistakes.

You need to be positive: this mistake won't have a point if you don't try to learn a lesson from it. This way you'll be able to improve and progress at work.

Try to face your mistake humbly, admitting to what you've done wrong and avoiding blaming others. And don't worry, your position at work is in no danger whatsoever.


According to the stars' predictions, your soul is open to knowing the unknown a bit better, and that can mean either humankind (meeting new people) or cultures (exploring new dishes, philosophies, therapies...).

There's unknown cultures which could give you new, rewarding experiences, as well as benefits for your body.

Explore Eastern philosophy; it's got many interesting lessons you can learn to dominate your thoughts, relax your body and understand life from another perspective.

Dare to try exotic foods; they're a great way to activate your senses and develop your knowledge.