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Magical Horoscope Reveals Your Gemini Horoscope for Thursday February 22nd

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Thursday February 22nd
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Stars advise you to continue working to get rid of your uncontrollable fear of loss, like you've been doing up to now.

Love can come and go sometimes, or it can stay forever. There's nothing wrong about this cycle moving forward.

You hold on to believing that fate is set in stone, and that's not exactly right. You won't win the race just by signing up, you should actually run to make it happen.

Our single Gemini friends won't have much news from Cupid on Thursday, because he seems to be distracted shooting arrows at other signs.

Pay attention to a nearby Aquarius, who has something important to tell you. Don't judge them, because soon you'll be going through the same thing.


Work is giving you headaches this week, Gemini. It's just temporary; also, because of who you are, you'd end up getting bored if your whole life was a bed of roses.

On Wednesday, someone above you in your business team will be incredibly unfair towards you or one of your workmates.

It's time to team up, set the cards straight together, and bring up that issue no one really wants to discuss.


Yesterday, you received a wake-up call from the stars about your disastrous schedule, and you managed to pay attention and do what's best for your future. Well done, Gemini!

Your exhaustion, both physical and mental, will still take a few days to fade off, but don't despair. The toughest time has started to go by thanks to no one else but you.

If you want some extra help, since you're a Gemini you could carry around a tiger's eye stone as a good luck charm.

Tiger's eye is one of the stones that bring the most strength into your sign, and it will help you with anything related to fortitude, confidence, and self-esteem.