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Forgiveness is one of the most precious feelings to human beings, because it forces us to side off any hate, resentment and pride to make room for generosity.

Today you need to do some introspection to bring out the best in you, Geminis. Someone with whom you had an argument a while back is offering a hand to get things settled and, quite honestly, you usually camp and dwell on your anger.

Give in a little, and you'll feel much better to begin the peace-making process. Don't take this as a humiliation, but as a chance to close off a wound and keep growing in your positive personality traits.


It's okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes, like the misery at work, added to other daily issues, makes you think about leaving everything behind and get a sabbatical. But... is it really a good idea?

Dear Geminis, the planets warn this is no time to start an idle period which would stall all your inner potential and energy. If you feel apathetic or unmotivated, then the solution is different.

Try changing jobs, be brave and quit what you're doing to find something that makes you feel fulfilled. Find more time to do what you really love. This will fill you with positivity to rule the world.


Today, remember this advice: count to ten. Different situations will bring you to breaking point and, as it usually happens, that adds layers of pressure that you can't manage properly in the end.

Staying calm in these situations is essential to avoid getting any jumpscares with your health. If you feel yourself breathing fast, sweating more than usual or even getting dizzy, you're going through an anxiety attack.

There's no need to reach that point, Geminis. Try to see your problems in perspective and solve them step by step; if you still feel an attack, no matter how intense it is, lay down, have some water and eat well. Take a break.

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