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Gemini Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Thursday 21st June by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Thursday
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Today you'll be invaded by a strange sense of melancholy, along with sad feelings and emotions. You'll especially feel there's a void inside you, you miss someone or a part of your past.

But these aren't negative emotions at all. Going back to the past with melancholy brings us to a happy place, because we blissfully remember a time of happiness.

You should use these feelings not to sink down and lock yourself out to cry away, but as a therapy. You can remember a happy past full of nostalgia, or that person you're missing, and analyse what you can improve in your current life from there.



Patience is your keyword for financial issues at the end of June, Geminis. Today you'll feel quite positive at work, but the most important thing is, the stars predict you'll get some extra money.

Rather than a real support to your financial growth (it's actually little money that won't get you out of your current situation), it'll boost your psyche. You'll feel really happy to see you don't just have expenses.

Take this positive flow to cheer up and strengthen the feeling of calmness you need now more than ever. Keeping calm is what will help you the most.


Today you'll experience a tough start of the day, which will bring you into a clouded, pessimistic mood. But if you analyse your body, you'll realise you have no physical problems going on; it's an issue of the mind.

It's perfectly normal to wake up on a bad note. You'll feel that everything's going wrong, nothing's satisfying enough, other people make you feel like getting away...

Still, Geminis, you've got the power to change this. Lately you've learned a lot on how to raise your mood even if things go wrong, and that'll be really helpful. So make an effort, overcome this, and be active and nice to others.



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