Gemini Daily Horoscope
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Love is a wonderful, magical feeling, which makes us alive in multiple ways. As you know, love can be disguised more than a thousand ways, and come in various forms. The most beautiful adventure is to look for it all the way.

These days you're more nervous than usual because love has come through a strange path, through a person to whom you did not expect feeling attracted. Things have become so complicated, you're a tangled web of feelings with quite a clouded mind.

It's time to take action, Geminis. You're losing time in absurd tribulations which only sink you deeper in a sea of doubts. The universe is on your side, Geminis, listen to your horoscope and make that doubt a reality.



Dear Geminis, today you've got an apocalyptic day in store if you're boarding a plane. You shouldn't worry about safety: all flights will reach their destination. The question is, when?

Load up on patience, breathe in and don't go out the house without a book, electronic device or any other pastime, because you'll have more than enough free time.

Long hours in airports can be torture, but sometimes there's no other choice. If you're on a layover, get ready for cancellations and delays which will force you to spend long hours waiting on.


You've had more free time to yourself these days, and that's something you should use in your favour. You can devote this free time to taking care of yourself, which will have consequences on your wellness.

On the one hand, try to take better care of your looks. Feeling attractive will help you run the world with higher self-esteem, take in your chores much more confidently, and seduce your partner or date with much more determination.

On the other hand, you should be more careful with your health and pay attention to the signs your body is sending. Don't get obsessed, don't become a hypochondriac, but don't put off for tomorrow what can be solved today.