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Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Gemini Future from the Stars for this Coming Thursday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Thursday 1st March
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For many years, each time you've started a relationship, it seems you found out about love for the first time.

It is true you're one to easily fall in love many times, and to live each adventure as a brand new stage like you've never lived before.

It's time to think how you want your heart to feel in five years' time. Do you see yourself with the person you're dating? With someone new? Happily single?

You don't usually think about where your dates are going, and that can turn out for the worse, because people will accuse you of being impulsive when that's not true.


Even if you can be kind of dreamy at work sometimes, your workmates know this is because of your ingenuity, and that you can't ever be prone to lying or hiding things.

Your feet should always stay on the ground, Geminis. Just because people know the way you are doesn't entitle you to step ahead of them, at least without an important reason behind it.

Also, the further behind they are, the harder it will be for someone to stab you in the back when you're not looking.

Get informed about the world of antiques and their market value.

Maybe at home, or in the home of an elder relative, you'll find a piece of art that may bring their owner out of trouble and you could get commission money out of it.


You start off the month with great personal fortitude. Congratulations, Geminis!

Stars give you energy in March, and you should know how to handle it, and most of all,how to turn it into light, not darkness.

However, don't mistake that fortitude for a time when you shouldn't be fearful of anything, because respect is the last thing you should lose.

If your memory starts failing, get used to writing it all down on a planner, even what you're doing this very second.

Who you call, who pays you a visit, if you've got an appointment to attend. It will be much more practical for you.

Ask for an appointment with your neurologist if you think those minor memory failures mightt be hiding something more serious, even more so if you're already at an advanced age.

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