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Stay calm. Today you'll be experiencing a mind-boggling event related to love.

You're better off seeing what has happened from different points of view, to avoid focusing so much on negativity.

For a relationship to flourish, it's essential to focus on the positivity of the moment, and in an original way, if needed.

Don't suffer before anything's happened, because everything can be solved if you work hard enough for it.

Sometimes you need a topsy-turvy day to be happier about what you've got with your partner, and to see how your story lives on forever.


Change whatever you need to if that leads to a monthly expense reduction.

Is it your phone, your power bill?

You get so tired by thinking about all this paperwork, but you don't know how much money you could save every year. A few small payments make a big one as months go by.

A friend will propose you to have some fun (a concert, a festival). If you do the math you'll see you can afford it, it's not that crazy.

When the time comes, you'll be happy you agreed to let yourself go a little.


Your head is off your body. You can't stop thinking about future plans, remembering how much fun you used to have. And still, you forget about living in the real, physical world around you.

See what's going on, feel it and get involved with what's happening here and now. And leave missing people behind, because they're not coming back. Why should you dwell on a painful past?

Keep working on your emotions. You're less and less selfish, and you've slowed down on demanding and judging others' performance.

It's hard to show empathy, of course, but stars are guiding you to make it easier every time to get into someone else's shoes to understand their behaviour.

You're learning to be happy. Congratulations!

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