Gemini Daily Horoscope
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Your disposition to your partner will be more optimistic, and they will notice it and be thankful for it.

Be more confident about everything you do together and you'll become more confident about things you do on your own.

When you're with friends, you're doing things that tend to be more hidden than usual about yourself.

You do it to save yourself from self-explaining and avoid confrotation, because lately it seems everyone has an opinion on every step you take.

It's not a bad way to behave, but do it cautiously, because if the cat gets out of the bag everything could get awkward.

There may be someone who wants to play detectives, although you can't suspect from anyone just yet.



Stars are signaling that you should measure how you communicate this Thursday, because if you do it carefully and gently you'll get excellent results.

At work you'll see your value scale altered because of an unexpected project, and this experience will allow you to fiind new concerns and goals to fight for until the end.

You're also at a good time to develop new structures upon which to set your finance and work, even though there's details from your daily schedule you should primp and polish.

If you're student Geminis, or you're preparing a lecture for a seminar or convention, it's a perfect day to get down to some studying.

Because today, both your intellect and spirituality will be noticeable.


If you feel pain in your bones during today, don't try to find its source in any illness.

Your stress and anxiety will make you look for illness symptoms you don't really have. Keep calm!

Take a chance now that the end of the week is coming to enjoy the pleasures that life brings along.

If you're in for a massive intake of red meat, remember to drink water in order to reduce uric acid.