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Gemini Magic Horoscope for 17th May

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Today is a good day for love. Native Geminis are destined to find it today, although it may be one more problem for you. Try to do things right this time around, Geminis. Treat others the way you'd want to be treated and stop breaking hearts.

Still, the day will have a disappointing side to it. One of your past lies will come back as an unpleasant situation to turn your day upside down. Although sometimes you can be frivolous about things and feelings, when those things happen they really affect you.

Don't get too overwhelmed and try to improve the situation. You shouldn't worry about what can't be changed, let alone if it can. So if you can't change the past, learn to apologise and learn your lesson to improve.


Today you'll get a job offer, and it'll come from your very own office, from the position where you're at. Your manages have an interesting proposal, but you'll have to make an important decision.

Stars predict there's important changes coming at work, but they don't imply a change of position or company. That means your managers will offer you a different place in the company and that'll require your approval.

Specifically, the proposal implies moving from manual work to qualified work within the same field. That means more responsibility and, obviously, a raise, as well as improvement in your job conditions.

But that's not the most rewarding thing: the fact that your intellect is finally appreciated at work is a reason to feel more than satisfied.

So everything is good. Seize this chance!


Your days-long cough hasn't completely healed, and what's more, they're giving you even more trouble. All this coughing is damaging your vocal cords, and that's affecting your voice.

If you constantly need to talk or yell because of work or your daily duties, you should get a visit with a speech therapist immediately. You'll be taught how to use your voice without forcing your vocal cords, which will very much improve your current situation.

If, otherwise, you don't really need to talk, let alone yell, make an effort and stay silent or talk as little as possible for a few days. You'll see your voice recover quickly.

Anyway, don't neglect this cough or your cord issues, because that body area is very sensitive and there's a risk of this issue becoming permanent. You've got such a lovely voice!