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Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Thursday 24th May

Full Prediction for Today, Thursday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Today you'll feel something you hadn't experienced in a while: the distortion between your will and your acts, that is, what you really want to do and what you end up doing. This always ends up in a sense of frustration towards life.

But stars give you the ability to slowly correct those diversions. You should analyse what is it that you really want, and if you're lost, work on yourself to find out your true goals.

Secondly, analyse why you make certain unpleasant choices. Soon you'll find you're excessively influenced by your environment, especially your partner and family.

It's important that you always try to reach consensus with them on big choices. But don't forget that it's your life. Learn to make your own choices, and start doing it today.


Now that you were starting to feel more overwhelmed than usual about the path your numbers and finances are taking, a beacon of hopeful light emerges.

Breathe in. The stars have good news. Some unexpected extra income will truly make your day.

They may come from some estate you were trying to sell, someone to whom you'd lent money, or a job you'd done. Or perhaps an investment that's starting to give you some good results.

Anyway, if you were expecting a payment and it doesn't come today, it's time to make a statement against anyone who's involved. You'll soon get an answer.


Your body's starting to feel the excess you've been going to lately. Remember that your body is a very intelligent and efficient, yet imperfect machine. You have to work as well so that it doesn't get damaged.

The symptoms you'll feel today are directly linked to the lack of care you've been having about your body, whether it is because you don't have time, because you feel lazy, or because you're too confident.

Symptoms are alarm signs that your body sends when something's going wrong, but they occur at a very emergent stage of any ailment.

You're still on time to change this. Try to take better care of yourself and be more careful with your habits, because everything has consequences.