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Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Thursday 31st May

Magic Horoscope for Today, Thursday
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Why do you keep your feelings so stiff, Geminis? Seriousness can be important in certain moments or places in life. It especially helps us to stay safe and be successful in our careers.

But it's even more important not to lose track of who you are. Today you'll have an argument with friends or family which will prove that people think you're too serious, and that's why they get away. You generate rejection, and come to think of it, you aren't happy yourselves.

Why not bring out your inner child? Being childish, innocent and happy is just as important as being serious sometimes, so don't be afraid of showing others that simplicity you know they like so much.


You can't feel it because you live in a constant work spiral, but if you try to look at your life from afar you'll realise you're becoming a slave or even a robot. It's time to stop it.

There isn't that much work anyway, you just demand yourselves to do more and more. Think about it and you'll realise there's no reason for your managers to lose their trust, or to get more proof of your efficiency.

It's the other way round: if you follow that track you'll make a mistake that could make you fail in front of them. So try to space tasks from one another, relax and interact with your mates. If something doesn't work, be patient and start over. To sum up, slow down.


You have all sorts of excuses to drink, Geminis. If you're stressed, you get a drink. If you want to relax, you get a drink. To celebrate, another drink; for lunch, some wine; in between meals, more wine. Desserts, weekends, family gatherings...

Today you'll feel sick because of an inappropriate alcohol intake. It isn't your first time, but you're not slowing down, and if you keep going like this, you'll regret it one day.

Stars warn you there's something wrong in your body because of that; what's worse, there'll be trouble in your family and social life if you keep this up.

Start getting rid of alcohol in your daily habits and drink more juice and water. Your body will thank you and your mind feels more balanced.