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Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Tuesday

Find out Your Gemini Horoscope for Today, 17th July
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The best relationships and love stories are those that go slow but steady. Also the ones that come out of the blue. Both situations will come together in a magical day for single Geminis.

The stars predict someone with a very special connection will come. They come introduced by a friend. The first important step is to open up your heart and mind, and to make an effort to forget a painful past.

The second is to be patient, Geminis. Right now it would be a big mistake to rush in, try to go quick and force things. Take your time and make some room for acquaintance and flirting, a process always full of magic and excitement.



Today you'll have a series of brilliant ideas at work that will awaken your egotistical side. Feeling everyone's eyes are on you is a pleasure... which can become vanity.

When you make a mistake, Geminis, you need to know how to accept and take the blame, and that'll be the hardest to do today. So start thinking that enjoying your good ideas will be as important as admitting to mistakes, and by being humble you'll make others respect you even more.

Regarding unemployed Geminis, by the end of this week and the start of next, there's changes in your ruling planet's position that will send you new vibrations when looking for a job. Use the rest of the week to be actively looking.



Locking yourselves out in your room or staying home alone, and starting to overthink and drown in negative thoughts is the shortest route to depression, Geminis.

The human mind is both complex and wonderful, but it has a dark side, and it can become torture. When your mind starts working quick and pessimistic thoughts store up, you get blocked and can't find a way out.

Turn your strategy upside down, Geminis. Do it for you. And start little by little, no pressure. Start to get rid of fatalistic thoughts and take home only the positive ones.

If you gather positive ideas you'll start feeling optimistic inside. And leave that room! Staying active will be the best therapy.