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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Gemini Prediction for this Coming Tuesday 24th July

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Today your mood will swing between bliss and sadness, melancholy and optimism, energy and apathy. Your day will be divided in various stages, and you'll have to be mentally strong to handle them better than ever. You can manage your feelings, so learn to do so.

When you're sad, find support and keep your body and mind active. Reject bad thoughts and anything that could lead you to feel down, such as sad music or memories.

When you're happy don't let euphoria take over. In these days of emotional ups-and-downs, excess from both ends of the scale usually has bad consequences.

End your day with a relaxing activity, like a nice dinner, a movie or a bath with some salts.


A cool mind and cold blood will be more necessary than ever at work today. Your drive could lead you to clash with a workmate.

It's okay to have arguments because work makes you nervous or because you have opposing viewpoints. Sometimes the smallest issues end up becoming arguments that can hinder your position at work quite a lot.

Focus your energy into the tasks you need to do and socialise with your workmates calmly. If you have trouble or suggestions, talk it over with your managers. Something important's coming up, don't throw all your effort off the cliff.


Your back pain will disappear. That means it isn't a structural problem; it just goes on and off for a few hours because of bad posture or exhaustion. Still, don't forget to exercise, preferably through swimming, and be cautious to prevent pain from coming back.

Regarding your nervous state, which is top of the list these last weeks, it'll start disappearing and you'll feel you can dominate your brain much better than you used to.

This spiritual phase can help you with that. Use everything that's in your reach to soothe your nerves and live a calmer life.