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Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Tuesday 3rd July

Full Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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Answer this, Geminis: if your relationship is broken, who will comfort you? Who will keep you company if you're abandoned by the person with whom you share your daily life?

Locking yourselves off so hermetically in a relationship implies quite a high risk, because you're sacrificing your friendships for one single person. The day that person deceives you or can't help you with something important, who will you call for help?

From today, you should try to open up to other important people in your life, make your social life much more active, and aside from your partner, count on other people to share your bliss and despair, success and failure. The day you need them, they should be there for you.


The hard core of your business counselors is leading you to make too many risky decisions, and this could mean disaster on a short and medium run. It's time to develop innovating ideas to give your business a new look, but you shouldn't mistake that for reckless risk.

Even so, your business is on the right track. You need to reject the advice that leads you down the treacherous path of risk, and use what gives you stability and confidence. This is no time to run risks, but to renew yourselves and have a surefire way to fight back.

Regarding your finances, the balance will be there until the end of the month with some occasional peaks. You need to keep going with a conservative strategy in this area.


Breakfast should be your strongest meal, Geminis, and many times you do the complete opposite and forget about it. To make sure that you devote a well-deserved time spot to breakfast and give your body the energy it needs to start the day off strong, get up a bit earlier.

Early meals can recharge our bodies because, during the night, they've lost all needed nutrients to start the day. If you don't have a proper breakfast, you could have a scary incident.

The stars predict that today there will precisely be issues related to lightheadedness and a lack of energy in the morning. It's up to you to even avoid fainting because of a lack of energy or a sugar drop.