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Gemini Magic Horoscope for 26th June

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Today more than ever, it's time to boost your self-esteem to look really confident in front of your romantic interest. The chances of getting them to love you actually depend on you showing off as someone with personality and confidence.

Having an out-of-the-average body or a unique personality isn't a setback, but an advantage. This is about marketing, Geminis, think about it: you need to make your own 'brand', something that stands out from others and turns out seductive.

Dress originally with a special touch, seduce your date with looks and non-verbals, create a specific environment, and open up the doors to a brand new world with your words. Confidence and originality are the keys to success.


There's new things coming your way at work, perhaps some new faces. The arrival of newcomers to the office is positive because it keeps the environment active, and it's a chance to show how patient and generous you are.

Remember when you started, how hard adaptation was, how slow and difficult it can be to learn. Be kind to the newcomers and teach them how to handle themselves around patiently and step by step.

It's also very important for you to socialise and have them socialise as well, because the most important thing is to quickly blend into the team and work together in a relaxed mood.


When your marital environment gets thick and the relationship's been foul for a while, it's usually a final symptom of a lack of tools to fix things. You've been thinking about it for days and you can't get yourselves to look for external support.

Still, it would be the best for you. There's more and more couples that look for help in a marital counselor, and the success is tremendous.

Through this therapy, you can get the emotional tools to help you face your issues and work them out. This could save the relationship, so it's worth making some effort and trying it out.


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