Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



There is someone, possibly a Leo, who is very jealous about everything that happens to you.

You're incredibly, happily in love with your partner right now, you've got a perfect bond and communicate amazingly. And that makes Leos miserable.

This Tuesday someone will try to poison your romance with lies and rumours, but you'll prove you're wise and cautious, and you won't ask for explanations for something you haven't seen.

No matter what you hear, you need to understand they're trying to hurt you just because they can.

Your emotional intelligence will allow you to get rid of all those evil plans, and you'll win the battle.


Your Magic Horoscope stars signal that money will be a reason for conflict. There's numbers that don't fit, and money missing where it shouldn't be.

Running away is the worst thing you could think of today, because the problem will not only stay there, but become bigger.

Maybe the fire will vanish, but there will be sparks that could ignite even more and little by little.

Find what's wrong, and if needed, ask for help to solve the problem, because it could be more serious than expected.


If you're someone who spends a long time on the computer because of work, because you love to talk through social networks, or because you love gaming, there's times of the day that your attention fades.

To spend a long time in front of the screen, whether at home or the office, you need a well-lit room with natural light from the outside.

This way you'll feel more awake and with better concentration, because this will activate certain areas of your brain, like the hypothalamus, which manages heart rate.

You may love being in a dark room, but your body's asking to come into the light and to let it shine.