Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Gemini Prediction for this Coming Tuesday 6th March

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Making your relationship and daily living improve is in your hands and on your lips.

Smile, kiss, cuddle more with your partner, because physical contact between you is pretty faded.

One moment of effort can be much more important than an expensive gift.

On your free time this Tuesday, enjoy doing activities with your friends, especially those you've lost track of lately.

You need to balance your leisure time, because you have a personal side with them that you can't show off to your partner or other friends.

This way you'll bring to life old bonds, and relationships will stay fresh for the future, which is good because you'll need to feel everyone backing you up.


There's evil people lurking around your workspace.

Although everyone knows that spying on someone's phone is a crime, a workmate with whom you've clashed in the past will try to find your dirty little secrets.

Change your e-mail password to something safer, don't leave the computer on if you're not going to be there, and protect your phone so that it can only unlock with your fingerprint.

If you don't want to buy anything unnecessary, avoid accepting free samples or trial runs (with food, perfume...).

Rushed decision making isn't usually good for your budget.


You live your life with a minor addiction to social networking.

You're hooked on knowing what people is doing (even those who live far from you or who you've never met before), on showing the world what you do for fun or what you're eating.

Think about setting up (and setting it up soon) a block on this dependence that Facebook, Twitter and other networks have created on you, because even if you can't feel it at first, they bring you great stress and anxiety.

In fact, you should see how after an update on your networks, you feel anxious about expecting a quick answer, and how you soon become disappointed if the answer doesn't come as quickly as you'd want it to.

Besides, it affects your humour as well.