Full Gemini Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 1 May

Full Forecast for Today, Tuesday
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You're wrong if you think your partner's changed. They're still the same.

Maybe it's you, Geminis, who have changed inside. You're now bored about what used to seem like a fantasy, a great adventure.

You've got a serious nonconformity issue which will be clear this May 1st, and the Moon's position has got a lot to do with it.

You need to be more sensible, appreciate things and not let go with ideal utopias.

In fact, what you want is so unrealistic, you wouldn't ever swap lives with any of your friends, because no one's living that way.

Don't go wrong, and don't make reckless choices you could regret later.


You'll visit a friend looking for a money loan. But you'll ask them to keep it a secret.

You want to invest that money into a personal gift which you won't share with your family or friends. A personal guilty pleasure, that's all.

Your friend's first reaction will be to ambush you with questions, because it's never a great pleasure to loan money, and you know it.

Try to get something good out of this. You should think whether it's worth it to lie so much and explain yourself for so long, for someting that will only keep you satisfied for a short while.

Besides, things you can't share aren't that much worth it.


You need to watch your hair's health a little more, Geminis, you're neglecting it a little bit.

Your busy life makes you run from side to side, and you think your health needs are more than taken care of, just because your head doesn't hurt and your shoes don't feel tight.

Look at your hair, it needs some nourishing. The best you can do is ask for a hair salon appointment, get the right treatment, and get a makeover to find a modern twist on your usual hairdo.