Full Gemini Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 11 April

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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This Wednesday you'll wake up with a sensitive mood, Geminis, and things will affect you more than they should, especially those that come from your true love.

It's not that they lie sometimes when they don't give you the full report of where they are, who they are with, who are they meeting or what their plans are.

Sometimes you track footprints as if you were a police dog, and that's pretty unpleasant. So if you hear one of those little white lies don't take it personally.

Try to be at peace with your past by looking for old pictures or videos that bring you happy moments, especially with people who isn't around anymore.

Don't let despair consume you; turn nostalgia into happiness because you got to enjoy those people in your life, and not everyone was that lucky.


With an upcoming break halfway through the week, stars in the Magic Horoscope encourage you to develop your creativity to make money. And what better way to get it than through your hobbies and likes?

Do you have a hobby that you can turn into money? Think a little and there's probably one or two. You can sell paintings if you paint, or if you're a soccer fan you could find a part-time job as a children's soccer coach.

When there's no need around you, the best you can do is create it to get benefits, right?


If your back pain is intense, or if you're going through a muscle injury you should see a physical therapist, and find out whether your pain could be eased with neuromuscular bandages.

These sorts of items can help you with skin issues like flaccidity or cellulite, through what's known as slim taping. It's not painful at all and it can offer great results if you get in the right hands.