Gemini Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 25th April

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Geminis, you're always feeling bored, and today you'll particularly wonder about whether you're happy with how you're dealing with the light and darkness in matters of the heart.

Although nothing's changed around you, it looks like you're living someone else's life, as if you were a stranger within your steadiest, most mundane reality.

You're going through an existential crisis. Something's changed inside you and you don't know what it is.

Things which motivated you about your relationship now seem overdone and dull, and you don't know whose fault is it. You're lacking a purpose to keep going and you don't know which.

This Wednesday, try to rebuild your expectations and plan a new, enriching life project which is more realistic and highly motivating.


Today's a cloudy day for you, you're finding yourself and questioning everything, and slightly afraid of an uncertain, puzzling future.

Meanwhile, time slips between your fingers and you're doing nothing. You can't stop it, obviously, so all you can do is use it wisely and take advantage of it.

That's why the stars encourage you to think about every waking hour like an important sum of money you need to use.

Is it better to spend that time, that money, into an important task, or in something absurd and unnecessary like looking up to the sky drowning in melancholy?


Your day hasn't been the brightest in the last few weeks, right? It's one of those days when you long for night to come, so you can curl up in bed and become invisible to the world.

The Magic Horoscope would like to remind you that human bliss is a matter of the mind, not a condition depending on your circumstances.

At some other point in your life, with everything you've got now, you'd be very happy, but you don't want to. Forgive yourself and give yourself permission to change.