Full Horoscope for Gemini for This Coming Wednesday 4th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Wednesday
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What's your meaning of trust? You use this a lot, but it might be hard for you to give a final answer.

You know your partner loves you, trusts you and wants you, and you can't see the clear evidence.

They respect your privacy, personal space and they don't go through your stuff; they don't ask who's texting you or demand to see the screen.

They share their issues before you ask if something's wrong or why are they acting funny.

You're their whole world, their shelter when things go bad, when they're in trouble or need advice.

So start assuming that your partner trusts you blindly. You'd been in doubt and this made you very nervous.


You need to make some more money. You want some back-up to give you extra safety for emergencies.

Have you thought about a second part-time job? If you make your working life more flexible you'll be able to use your day some other way, finding spaces that you didn't see before.

It may be temporary, just enough to get the extra money you want. And don't worry, because there isn't any upcoming emergency to make your savings tremble. Stay calm.


You're sources of light this Wednesday, Geminis. You send off great energy which you must use, because any positive resolutions you have can become even greater.

If you need to heal an illness through a treatment or massage, it's the perfect day. Especially if it's back problems we're talking about.

You'll notice you're more lively than usual, and you'll be living situations that would have seemed a true challenge at some other point.

Use every single hour of this magical day you've awoken to, and use the magic to make everyone's day even more so.