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Gemini Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 21st February by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Wednesday 21st February
Gemini Daily Horoscope |


Gemini, your heart is almost beating out of your chest. You need to lose your fears, and especially your fear of losing.

This Wednesday you'll have a very rough time thinking about what would happen if something changed, if your partner decided to break up, or if one of your best friends was leaving town.

You know that the most important thing is to do things the right way, and be courageous. It's okay if you have doubts about what you know, or what you think you know.

If you take the wrong step, try to change it before you go on a longer path which will leave behind a trail that's hard to hide. 


Dear Gemini, you're in for a fun week. During the last few months, one of your workmates has got this bossy attitude, as if they were going to 'inherit' the company.

This Wednesday, that person is coming to get you, willing to grind your gears and make you look like a fool.

Your first instinct will be to take their mask off and humiliate them in front of everyone.

Act wisely, let them talk their talk, and then, showing off your class and self-control, break their arguments down.

They will feel like they've won the battle. But the Magic Horoscope can tell you that's not the case. Your words will eventually sink in.


You feel tired and wornout; what's wrong, Gemini? Stars will reveal what's going on. You live with an improvised schedule, and you'll end up losing your mind and your immune system in the process.

Don't go for a single day without checking your planner, scheduling all your pending tasks, and respecting what you set up for yourself as if it were the law.

You've done your job by avoiding to put off for tomorrow what you could get done today, and that was a very positive first step.

Now you just need to have time to do what you should be doing every day, and to do it perfectly. You're more than capable of it.