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Gemini Forecast for Wednesday 28th February by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Wednesday 28th February
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Focus on your family more, because they're worried about you.

Personal issues, your job and your headaches have caused you to isolate yourself from your loved ones, and this has made your family stay alert.

Make calls, send texts, let them see you're still there.

If you're Geminis that have recently broken up with someone, you should get to terms with the idea that it might be hard for you to heal your heart.

It doesn't mean you have to stay alone or cover up in a metal armor, but you should learn to live with loneliness, at least for a short while.

Keep in mind that if your relationship ended it's because it just couldn't go any longer, and the other person wasn't the right one.

Don't try to create casual encounters hoping to reignite the spark; there isn't even wood to make another fire.


Thinking about making investments? You should then consider startups, technology-based companies that generate new business models.

Sometimes they can fall into absolute failure, but in other cases they can be tremendously successful.

If you want to reduce your power bill, get used to throwing back your blinds first thing in the morning.

You'll see that, as the day goes by, you'll be using your lights less and less, and by the end of the month you'll see the numbers go down.

The important thing is that you should make this a habit, so that you can save lots of money in the process.


Allergies will give you a bad time, which will probably be related to pollen or animal fur.

If you want, you can make a small charm from scratch to help you in the upcoming month of March.

Look for a small cotton pouch and put some rice, coffee beans, copper coins and a bay leaf in it.

Tie it up with red string and put it into the drawer where you keep your underwear. It will help you to keep bad vibes away from your daily life.

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