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Gemini Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 11th July by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Wednesday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



All energies focused around your ruling planet, Mercury, are helping you to channel your bad experiences and issues into something positive. Everything that happens in your life can be processed, and even though certain events can't be dominated, the way you face them is always up to you.

Today, then, you should turn problems into challenges, battles and experiences to make you stronger and help you grow up. Always have positive thoughts, because the chances of success can multiply over time. If you can't solve something in the end, feel at ease about at least having tried to.

These energies around Mercury will also bring a boost to your communicative skills, and somehow encourage you to exploit that ability more. These are days for being social.



Mercury is currently orbiting around powerful energies that give it a higher magnitude in any enabling elements. As you know, thanks to the influence of your ruler you have more intellectual capacity than other zodiac natives.

That means you can exploit your special skills even more. Activate your mind more than ever, use your wits and add something special to your professional skills.

Using your mind and intelligence to perfect your career profile will help you become more professional in the competitive world we live in.



Calming down anxiety or stress isn't simple at all, especially for Geminis like you, with nerves always running high. Fortunately, experience has taught you to dominate them.

Today you need to put all those strategies into practice with the advantage that planets are on your side. You've been nervous all week long and today could be your turning point.

The most important thing is to control your mind, so when you're feeling calm and you're alone, tell your brain to stop, and find activities that make your head focus elsewhere. Tension will slowly decrease.