Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Family arguments are always much more bitter than those between friends or even lovers and partners. Trust-based relationships are generally used as a shield to say hurtful words that end up being too heavy, or to make radical decisions which are hard to undo later.

Apologising is a utopia in these cases. In the end, after all this, situations just grow foul and it's very hard to turn them around.

Still, there's good news, Geminis: the stars' alignment opens a period of great vibrations to rethink your relationships to some relatives from whom you've grown distant. If you've become angry or upset against any of them, it's time to apologise, be honest and humble, and work it out. You'll feel much better.


Good news at work for the whole team. Some executive board decisions will be good for you, and there's quite desirable changes regarding your wages and job conditions.

Now's the time to keep working as a team. As long as the managers see good results, there'll be new improvements in your conditions.

If investments and bets are the main topic, the stars say today's a good day for speculative finances. Remember to play and bet in moderation. Today your lucky number is 6. Try your luck!


Your nerves may have played a trick on you, Geminis, and your bowel movements are kind of at a standstill. You may feel constipated during the day, and perhaps will even get some sharp pains in your lower stomach.

Here's some advice: start your morning with a breakfast based around oats, wheat and fruit. Fiber will help you unclog that area and release some pressure today. Try to keep a healthy diet to manage your bowel movements better.

On the other hand, keep your skin moist and try out some vitamin supplements to boost your dermis' health.