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Gemini Magic Horoscope for This Coming Wednesday, July 25th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Wednesday
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Attention, single Geminis: you've recently met someone who initially seemed irrelevant, but they're making room in your heart. Don't close off to that, Geminis, because those relationships tend to be the purest and deepest.

Plan an outdoor date with them. No bars or dinners at home. The stars point out that a date at a park or natural reserve will be much more successful.

Regarding your mood, today will be a day to obsess and be overwhelmed. All coming from the same thing: you overthink too much. Relax your mind and see issues in perspective.




A burst of hope will come through the windows of unemployed or almost poor Geminis. There's good news that will realise into a change of cycle for your chances.

As always, this is an energy flow from your ruling planet, but you need to make some efforts to make that trend change happen.

Your top priority right now is to change your mindset. Be positive in all the steps you take to reach that new job, and be more confident in yourselves.



For a few days, you may feel like you've got an ongoing cough with you at all times. It's not a cough with mucus; it's actually a dry cough.

Try to keep your throat hydrated at all times, because a dry throat is the biggest threat and your main nemesis through this struggle. Avoid rooms where there's air conditioning and remember to be very cautious and take all measures possible to avoid falling sick with a cold.

At some points in the day, you may feel like you're extremely tired and weak. If this issue continues, you should go to your local chemist's and get some vitamin supplements or syrups.