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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Gemini Prediction for this Coming Wednesday 4th July

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
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You have a structural issue in your relationship which needs to get sorted out as soon as possible. Otherwise, it's the kind of trouble which, if left unsolved, rots out the relationship and ruins everything. Now's the time to get down to business.

The problem is you're always doing what your partner says and you avoid opposing to anything; you're always saying yes to avoid the arguments you hate so much.

As a conflict-avoiding attitude, that's perfect, Geminis. The problem is, day by day you assume that you've got no voice in this relationship because the other person makes all the decisions. In the long run, this is unsatisfying and humiliating. It's time to sit for a chat and to have an equal relationship.


In your current penny-saving situation to guarantee your finances are safe, it's okay to feel frustrated sometimes. But you've learned to look further, to think big, and you understand that every sacrifice has a reward in the end.

One of your current problems is, you can't handle saving money. You're at a more than satisfying financial stability, which means you're saving money just fine. But you need to organise this better, because you save money where you shouldn't, and you don't in what needs to be cut back.

Set priorities, Geminis. This is your challenge for today and the days to come. Think about what things you don't need, and what items are necessary but currently neglected.


As native Geminis, you know better than anyone else how bad for your body nerves are. If you're uncontrollably nervous and this is ruining your life, stop thinking about medications which will only bring your brain into sleep.

Instead, you should think about rebuilding your psychological integrity every day, facing your issues in a mature, reflective way. Think about meditation, having second thoughts, solving your fears and doubts, and if you need it ask an expert for help, but always from a psychological stance. No medications.

Also, always have this in mind: if you can solve something, why worry? If you can't, why worry? See things in perspective, Geminis.