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Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Wednesday 13th June

Full Prediction for Today, Wednesday
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With the wave of new feelings you've been experiencing, and your changes within, it's okay to feel doubtful sometimes... Are you taking the right path, or is it better to go back to the start?

That's called vertigo, Geminis, and it usually hits us when we're treading an unstable path, beyond which we can only see an abyss.

In these doubtful times, stop for a minute and be rational. It's okay if the path is tiring; what should make you decide is whether the end goal is worth it. The stars encourage you to keep going. It will be!


Greed can be your doom, Geminis, and these days you're mistaking euphoria and satisfaction for arrogance and lack of control. It's time to breathe in, keep your head cool and get back to the balance that brought you this far.

Today it'll be very profitable for you if you trust your closest assistants and advisors who often have a more realistic, far-off vision of your business.

So far, getting advice has brought you much profit in important decisions, so don't think twice and come down from the altar you've set yourselves upon, to trust your closest ones.



Female health is a delicate matter which should be constantly cared for; Gemini ladies should pay special attention to the basics of their health.

Remember, Gemini girl friends, that it's very important to explore your body often to detect any issue. Follow the usual procedures by using any women's healthcare guide, and be constant with it.

Also, remember to visit your gynecologist often to get a check-up and rule out possible illnesses. It isn't too bad of an idea either if, from a certain age, you get an appointment with your GP to run tests such as a mammogram.

Prevention is key.


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