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Gemini Magic Horoscope for 6th June

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It's a day for openness and honesty, Geminis, to put into practice now more than ever those behaviours which sometimes get overlooked.

Any lie or lack of honesty towards others will give you easily avoidable problems with some people. That's why it's recommendable and even compulsory for you to follow the stars' advice and let truth be your guide.

You'll feel that sometimes it's hard to say the truth, that it's very complex and it can't always end right. But you need to grow up and accept the consequences of truth, because lies will make you pay a much higher price in the end.


Job training is essential for an employee, whatever field of expertise they're in, to keep perfecting their skills. Today that's much more important, because the job market just keeps getting increasingly dynamic.

You're probably giving the excuse that you have no time and that duties and chores in your job are enough workload already before even considering studying.

Still, the stars encourage you to quit the excuses and they see many more chances if you continue your training at work. Besides, it'll be wonderful to bring your brain back into the game.


Activating your brain is a good way to giving it some exercise and preventing certain degenerative illnesses, which can affect the central nervous system or memory at old age.

Today's a good day to start exercising your mind in a much more active, dynamic way. Those passive Geminis who spend all their time hooked on to their phone or TV should start to give up on those habits.

There's lots of things you can do to exercise your brain and still have some fun while doing it: a good book, pastime activities like sudokus, watching complex, deep movies or plays, reading the newspaper a little every day...

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