Gemini Daily Horoscope
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Your partner's rage is starting to boil up.

They've found out about a mistake you've made and hid away for them not to worry, and to avoid being responsible for it in the process.

You can't help feeling constantly offended about their actions, because you know you'd have reacted much worse if you were in their shoes.

Be brave about what others may think, and try to learn to listen and be tolerant to others from this experience.

You should reflect on how your ability to forgive others has been so far, and whether you should act any differently from now on when needed.


The feeling of believing that your efforts bring money to everyone but you keeps your mood broken; you feel exploited, and worst of all, by a company and a boss for whom you're just another number.

If your income falls short run a little test and calculate how much money flies off inevitably. Instalments, bills, family issues, expenditures.

Those problems are ultimately yours, and if your income isn't enough all you can do is think about whether you should change careers.

Have your watch perfectly timed up, and basing yourself upon it, commit to details that are apparently unimportant.

Be punctual to work or meetings, don't delay responding to e-mails, and take this chance to prove you're a trustworthy employee.


Sometimes you feel out of place, without knowing where you're standing for just a moment.

You urgently need to reconnect with nature and get away from the city; you should especially consider visiting pollution-free spaces.

Every day there's millions of polluting agents that take a toll on your body without you even realising it, and that's why sometimes you get absent-minded all of a sudden.

Since you're also responsible for pollution, make a clear goal out of recycling more and using the planet's resources the right way.