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Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Wednesday Is Going to Be for Gemini

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You'll notice that today you don't care about anything, not even your partner's issues.

Empathy has never been one of your strongest traits, but today it will fall into deep sleep.

Your special someone needs a shoulder to hold on to, so watch out for them.

There's no important reason to be sad, so don't allow that and hold your head high. Do you really have nothing to be happy about?

Geminis who are getting to know someone should be careful, because promises sound great, but then you have to follow through.

And that's when disappointment can kick in.


A basic supplies bill (power, phone, gas) will get you into trouble today, Geminis. A bigger bill than usual, because you needed to readjust your consumption

Try to fight the company. This will be another David vs. Goliath, and laziness will overpower you to make you quit. Don't let it defeat you.

If you consider that it's unfair to pay so much, don't think twice and fight for what you believe in.

Your honesty will be at stake in the office. Give more explanations than you need to prove that you're the perfect employee.


Your energy has gone on holiday today, and no matter how much you call it to come back, it won't be happening.

Today will be one of those days when you have the hardest time to get out of bed, no matter if it is for work or to do anything else. And cooking or ironing clothes will be a true challenge.

Even if you try to change your attitude and come out to eat the world, stars won't be in your favour, Geminis.

Don't postpone any activities and have your schedule up to date, because you know that, if you decide to put things off, you'll have lots of pending tasks later and anxiety will kick in.

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