Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Don't mistake courtesy for courtship, Geminis.

Someone is talking to you very nicely, and you tend to take this as a romantic interest towards you.

Stars in the Magic Horoscope point out that it isn't the case, so don't do anything silly.


Things are still tense at work, with workmates trying to grind your gears. You won't be the only victim, but definitely one of many.

If you've got to discuss about any issue that will end up as a personal affront, which it may very well be, make the choice of leaving the room.

Take your time to think before you act, and if you can, find creative ways to solve the problem, and once you've relaxed do some reflection.

Although you may have other instincts, find a thoughtful way to argue your way through and win the battle.

It's your chance to unfold your wings and appear as a great communicator able to handle conflict, which can open new doors for you.

The simplest thing is to argue and attack your opponent. However, making them change their mind, swallow their words and perhaps even regret their act, is an entirely different story. And you've got the talent to make that happen.


In your healthy life project you've started doing exercise, and that's a major step. Stay on that path, Geminis!

However, don't believe in miracle weight-loss diets, no matter how many years you've been hearing about them.

For example, don't think of wrapping yourself up in plastic to run, even if there's people around you doing it.

You'll sweat more, yes, but it doesn't mean you'll lose fat. Plastic is a non-porous material, and it creates a sort of greenhouse effect which doesn't allow for heat dissipation and sweat evaporation.

If you put this theory into practice, in the end all you'll get is chances to catch a cold, your skin will become irritated and bacteria will begin storing up.

Forget the home remedies and guru advice and get real advice from well-trained coaches, in any case.