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Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for April

Your predictions for the month of April
Gemini Monthly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: The third wheel of conflict

The month will have a rocky beginning, because of outsiders who should keep their opinion locked away in a safe place.

Someone from your family will talk too much about your relationship, from their point of view and kind of spontaneously, meaning no harm.

This will be a problem, because your partner won't understand what their right is to speak out loud about how you match or not.

In friendship, this month you'll bump into someone who was like a brother or sister to you, one of your closest friends, who you hadn't heard from in a long time.

Unfortunately, you'll find out that they left because they betrayed you deeply, which you kind of expected. Stars will tell you to stay calm, because you can have your payback sooner or later.

You and your partner won't have great issues to handle, but you shouldn't relax too much. You need to take care of your romance as if it were a flower blooming in the slums.

Money: Ask for your money back

Stars in the Magic Horoscope signal that Geminis will experience changes at work, especially if you've got more than one paid job. Possibly one of your contract bonds will end, something which you'll find out about overnight.

Your finances won't be at stake, but the best thing is for you to make a call and get the money back from someone you gave money to long ago. Insist until you get it, and bring back what belongs to you.

Always believe in the power of honesty in money and work, Geminis, and uncover the lids you think may be hiding dirty businesses. Conjectures and evil plans aplenty never bring anything good.

Health: Find a power top-up in nature

This month you should move around more, whether you walk or ride a bike, around easy-to-travel areas and take long comfortable paths.

Of course, if you face physical challenges, be aware of your limitations and avoid injuries, Geminis, because you don't need them.

From the second week onwards, it's highly likely that you'll fall ill with a virus that will keep your body shaking for just a couple days at most. Nothing serious but definitely annoying.

And when you need a top-up, go to places where you're alone and in full contact with nature. Touch the trees, feel the water, and let your whole body fill with light.